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    In the spring we started to look at stocking a range of greetings cards. Our criteria were that they had to be blank inside, pet-related and nothing like the cards available in the half dozen or so shops in the town that currently stocked greeting cards. There is no point in competing directly in what is a fairly crowded market. Eventually, we settled on a company called The Little Dog Laughed, which fitted the bill – a range of quality cards based around dogs, cats and rabbits that have a sensible retail point that makes them a simple add-on purchase. The spinner duly arrived and we placed it right in the middle of the shop so it could not be missed, we put one or two on our Facebook page and then…nothing. Well not nothing, but the sales were quite slow, much less than we had anticipated. Come October we needed the space for our Christmas display so the card spinner was demoted temporarily to a space between the dog wormers and the till, some 10 feet or so from their original site. And they started to sell like hotcakes!

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