Frozen logistics

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    Last month we took the decision to buy another freezer to increase our commitment to raw dog food. While we’re awaiting its arrival next month we have begun to look round the shop to see where it could go for the maximum effect. Ideally, we want the two freezers together and near a suitable power point, we also don’t want it too far from the location of the current freezer so as not to put people off finding it. After a bit of measuring up we reckon they will both go in the space left by the fish tanks, meaning the fish food and accessories can move to where the current freezer is now. So, what we decided to do was to move our current freezer to the new area then when the new freezer is delivered and installed it won’t be such a change for our customers. I’m sure people will be a bit confused to start with but they will soon get used to the new layout and hopefully our sales of raw food will continue to rise.

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