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    One of my more colourful customers owns a rather tubby West Highland terrier. Despite good-hearted neighbours taking it for long walks several times a day, the weight still stays on this little dog.  It’s not surprising really as last summer the lady in question was advised to eat more herself. She said she had cooked more food but instead of eating it herself she was feeding the extra to the dog!
    Eventually, the vet advised her to restrict the dog’s diet to James Wellbelloved small dog dry food and Pedigree Senior tins. Do not ask me why this combination but I guess it was a compromise between vet and owner. After some time on this diet the lady telephoned me to complain that the tins I had supplied were not her usual Pedigree Senior but something else and this had made her dog ill. Despite my protests that all I had supplied was Senior tins she was adamant it was not and she was going to return four tins for a refund.  When she came in two days later I showed her the words Pedigree Senior on the tin but this was not good enough.
    To keep the peace I swapped them for four sachets of James Wellbelloved Senior. My logic was that if the dog ate the dry it would eat the wet version. My customer went away relatively happy.
    I did hear on the grapevine that it was still my fault as I had supplied her with ‘old stock, which must have been off’. The truth is she is my only customer for Senior tins and I buy it in especially for her, so it is current stock.
    A few weeks later she sent a neighbour in because the vet had advised her that Pedigree Senior tins was what the dog should be getting, and did I have any?. Well, by some luck there are four tins on the shelf here looking for someone to buy them. So I sold her back the four tins she had previously returned…and apparently they were far superior to what I had supplied previously! 

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