Farewell to a great rep

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    That’s the end of an era with Tom Moodie retiring from Ancol. When we first came here in 1990, the shop had been open for a few years and the owner, Ann Mackian, had bought her initial stock and relied on the expertise of a young rep from Kingdom Pet Foods, Tom Moodie. After a few years Tom moved to Lawson Donaldson, a garden centre wholesaler that also supplied the pet trade and Tom’s role was building the pet trade side of the business. Eventually, Lawsons cut back on the pet side of the business and Tom moved to Ancol where he’s been for quite a few years now. The other day he called and said that he was going to work for his son in his bike shop, which is quite a change after 33 years on the road selling to the pet trade.

    What I will never understand about Tom is his uncanny ability to know when the kettle goes on – that’s once every six weeks or so for 30 years he turned up just as we made a cup of coffee! Joking apart, Tom has been a great guide as to what’s selling and what’s not in our trade as well as hearing about his hobbies of bird watching, photography and recently cycling, and since lockdown both our growing interest in gardening. There can hardly be a pet shop in Scotland or northern England that has not received a regular visit from Tom and our trade will miss him. Best of luck for the future my friend.

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