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    This person had been to the chemist and they had advised her to come to me. Apparently her one-year-old cat had come in season and was now howling its head off every night looking for a new best friend. She wanted a pill or potion to stop it howling before the neighbours started complaining.  Well I could not think of anything off the shelf that would do the trick so I recommended a call to the vet, maybe they have a magic potion.  Well that did not go down too well as the vet wanted a £25 consultation fee unlike the chemist and the pet shop, who offer free advice. I did mention neutering as this is the best way forward but apparently she could not contemplate that as it would hurt the cat’s feelings and violate its rights to breed.  She then went on to comment that at one year old it was not old enough to breed and was most surprised when I explained a few facts of life to her in the cat world.

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