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    One common complaint doing the pet shop rounds at the moment is internet retailers who can apparently sell bulk feed at very competitive prices and provide free next-day delivery. I have spoken to more than a few retailers who have lost out to such websites, some of whom are quoting delivered prices that in some instances come very close to or even undercut our own wholesalers! One retailer confided to me that he had been hit so hard by this competition that his wholesaler was considering cutting his price band as his overall spend was affected. Looking round price comparison websites for the parcels delivery industry, the cheapest I can send a 15k bag is £5.95 plus VAT. So how do these guys make a margin? Yes, I know the answer some will give is don’t compete on price alone, sell higher margin specialist lines but at the end of the day food is a basic product that customers buy all the time and when they are in the shop for food that’s when they buy the treats and toys. If they don’t come in for food then how long before they forget the local pet shop exists? I am all in favour of open and fair competition but a level playing field helps.
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    I think I've worked out how some online retailers do this. My other half's dad used to own a pet shop 30 years and longer ago. I was approached by a customer this weekend informing me that he can buy 2 bags of JW Large Breed 15kg for £75 (or thereabouts) with free delivery. I looked up the company online and my other half said that this company used to be a wholesaler. They have now obviously stopped supplying shops and instead supply the public direct. Their accounts with direct suppliers have stayed open so they are still getting the cheapest price for the product. They even have a section on their website saying why to buy online and not on the high street. So all those years of supplying pet shops is pretty redundant. I wish companies would not supply ex-wholesalers. That is how I think a lot of them are undercutting us perhaps? By claiming they are a wholesale company, ordering large amounts and then supplying the public direct. This is the only way I can think that this is happening...Ideas?
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    I had instance today of not knowing the recommended selling price for Autarky dog food - all three wholesalers have different rrps ranging from £25.60 to £27.49 - decided to find out from D & H and went on their website - they recommend £25, but this was the price they were selling at with free delivery, click again and buy two for £40 with free delivery! Vital wholesale price is £19.35 (before banding discount) so do D&H actually expect shops to stock Autarky for a whopping 55p profit?

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