Designer dogs or mongrels?

Discussion in 'You couldn't make it up!' started by Newshound, Jun 2, 2016.

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    While on the subject of puppies, I cannot understand how cockapoos and all the other weirdly-named cross-breed dogs can command prices between £800 and £1,000.
    Just because they are called ‘designer dogs’ does not make them any different from any other cross-breed. I was astounded the other day when one proud owner told me that her jackeroo puppy was Kennel Club registered. I suggested that both parents might be registered, but that was not the case for the puppy. But she was adamant that she had the correct papers and that it was registered. The lady who runs training classes in the Town Hall has a similar view to mine and says, ‘Here comes another overpriced mongrel’.
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    I always understood that Mongrels were dogs with no discernable pedigree parents and crossbreeds were dogs with 2 purebred parents of different breeds. However being disparaging about the owners choice of dog, whether purebred, crossbred, or mongrel is plain snotty. I own purebreds, I own crossbreds and a mongrel. It's my money and I chose to buy the dogs I wanted to buy for whatever reasons. All purebreds were once mongrels, put together to produce offspring with certain physical or behavioural traits.
    To have that attitude, you could not complain if people, chose not to buy pets from pet shops because they are inferior to ones bought direct from breeders, or if someone told your customers not to buy from your shop because you were ridiculously overpriced. Why buy a nice dog bed costing £20 when a cardboard box was cheaper, disposable, recycling and more ethical.
    I personally bred and showed dogs at championship level, yet I was *never* a breed snob, nor would I look down my nose at someone who chose a particular dog because it had something which appeals to them. A dog is a dog at the end of the day and the owner of the 'Jackeroo' presumably spent money in your shop, unless of course your shop only caters for purebred dogs?
    Your comment and apparent disdain has irritated me I will admit.As for the lady who runs the training classes, I just hope that the people she teaches, come to discover her shitty attitude towards what are people's beloved pets, which, if they are paying money, and taking time, to take to her classes, they are doing right by.
    Does it *really* matter if a dog has bits of paper, fancy names or no? Nobody should be criticising how one of their customers spends their money, especially if they are buying stuff for their pet, in your shop!

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