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    We had a couple of strange comments recently. Firstly, someone came in and said they had come to purchase something we did not stock. Not sure there is an answer to that!
    A few days later I was confronted by a lady who wanted the dry dog food we could not get as it was especially formulated for dachshunds. Asking her which food this was,  she answered she did not know but she was adamant it was not Pedigree as her previous dog did not like the new formula when it was changed five years ago. I did say that there were a few companies that did breed-specific dog foods and if she knew which one it was I could probably order it for her. That line of questioning did not get me anywhere so I offered her Hills Small Dog Adult or Eukanuba Small Dog Adult.  But it soon became obvious that she had no idea what brand she wanted apart from the fact she did not want to pay for Eukanuba or Hills. So in the end we settled for James Wellbelloved Small Dog Adult.

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