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    One of the local fishermen came in asking what we could offer him to get his cat to eat. I went through the range of wet and dry cat foods on offer but none appealed. When I asked what the problem was, I was told he was feeding his pet on fresh cod, haddock or crab depending on what he was catching at the time. However, he thought that puss should be getting proper cat food. What cat wants cat food after such a diet?
    While on the subject of pets’ diets, we watched a programme the other evening about overweight pets. One woman owned an English bull terrier that weighed over 40 kilos. It was so fat that it could hardly walk and could not climb into a car or stairs.  She literally had to lift the poor dog’s back legs up each step of the stairs.  What made me mad was that she could not see what the problem was.  I am all for loving our pets but this really verges on animal cruelty.

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