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Discussion in 'You couldn't make it up!' started by Newshound, Jul 5, 2012.

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    A long-time bugbear of mine is the customer who smugly announces that they buy all their pet feeds at the cash and carry, as they have a trade card. And how much cheaper it is, and how pet shops must be making a fortune. When you ask them how they are entitled to a trade card they say they are a member of a club or they once bred a dog, or they have an aviary in their garden, or some other lame excuse. Truth is, they have no right to a trade card in the first place.
    How amused I was to hear a little story the other day that a well-known pet food cash and carry is asking all its account holders to re-register and in doing so provide written proof that they are a legitimate business. Well done them for sticking up for the independent retailer!
  2. pegasuspets

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    This has a been a bug bear to us for a long time - mainly because it has been dog show people who buy collectively at cash and carry on a day pass and have no qualms in telling us that they get it much cheaper than we can sell it. Fortunately this has all stopped locally in April as re registering whittled out these 'breeders'. Well done to to the cash n carry, hope the other wholesalers take note.
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    dispite being told by our batleys rep that the public are no longer allowed in, i know for a fact that they still are, we have a man who`s wife USED to keep /breed cats (not as a business just hobby) he has a card, we have a very active rabbit and cavy(guineapig) exhibitor/breeding community in swindon being one of them i know , not one of them buys anything from us instead they get a card from the club and go in on it,
    the batleys rep did say that "societys" ie clubs etc are allowed to give members access to cash and carry.
    i really do give up with the cash and carrys, seeing people with a sack of rabbit food and a bale of shavings going through the tills one just knows its not a business. :evil:

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