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    Yesterday a chap came in the shop who we've never seen before. He said "Can I ask a favour?" He proceeded to tell us that his dog had recently died - very sad of course - and that he had several bags of dog food left over that he had no use for.

    He asked if we would like to buy the food off him. We enquired as to what brand of food it was, and he said "Royal Canin". We replied by saying we didn't stock that brand, and therefore it would be difficult for us to resell food that we don't choose to stock.

    The conversation then changed from being a friendly " thanks, but no thanks" to one with a more challenging tone of "why won't you buy it?" We explained again that it is not a brand we choose to stock. After an exchange of words, the chap walked of muttering "fine, whatever" and left the shop.

    We thought that would have been the end of it.

    That evening we get a message to our Facebook business page from the same chap, asking us once again could we buy 4x bags of Royal Canin from him. However this time he explained that he used to get his dog food (Burns) from us but stopped when his wife started getting Royal Canin from the local vets free of charge as she was employed there.

    Can you believe the cheek of some people! To actually ask a shop that you don't shop in to buy second hand products they got elsewhere, for FREE, really takes the biscuit!"

    Needless to say the answer was still no, followed by a recommendation to donate his free dog food to the dog's home, for free of course!

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