Baby rabbits

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    About six weeks ago we sold a young male rabbit to a local customer, a lady in her early thirties so you assume she's sensible. She phoned up berating me because the rabbit had produced three babies, which the adult was now ignoring, so she would have to hand-feed them and what was I going to do about it? I spent some time explaining how rabbits rear their young and, after a while, she calmed down and realised that maybe my 25 years’ experience was slightly more reliable than Mr Google. What was niggling me was how a single male rabbit could give birth six weeks after it went to its new home? Even if I had mis-sexed it, a single female cannot give birth after six weeks living on its own. After some gentle questioning, it turned out the customer had gone somewhere else and bought another ‘male’ rabbit to keep the original one company and it was this one that had given birth. So it turns out she now has a pair of breeding rabbits and a litter of three babies, none of which is my fault but, for some reason, I have to sort it out.

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