August 2020 – the ‘new normal’

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    We are now getting into what is being termed the ‘new normal’, whatever that is. Non-essential shops are slowly re-opening as are takeaways and pubs. Supermarkets are calming down and their home delivery slots are reducing from three weeks’ wait to only a few days. Those who were shielding are coming back to this new reality, after nearly four months indoors.
    For us, as predicted, quite a few of the newly acquired customers that we worked so hard to deliver to, have, in the main, gone back to the supermarkets. Hopefully some will remember us and stay and those who shopped local for the first time in years will remember how many small shops worked hard to keep them supplied. Hopefully campaigns such as ‘shop local’ and ‘support your local businesses’ will have a positive effect.
    As for us, we will be extending our hours back to normal with the exception of Saturdays, which for now will be a half-day, and this could possibly become permanent. If anyone had said five years ago that Saturday would be our quiet day I would have never believed them, but we live in strange times. At the moment shoppers are in the main shopping Monday to Friday and looking for something to entertain them at weekends. Certainly our local chip shops, pubs and restaurants are far busier at weekends than during the week.

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