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Discussion in 'You couldn't make it up!' started by Animal-Antics, May 16, 2014.

  1. Animal-Antics

    Animal-Antics New Member

    A lady came in the shop yesterday asking us to swap a rabbit Hutch for her which she purchased from someone on Ebay, needless to say we said No, she became very annoyed as she had put it in her car which was parked outside and driven here especially. Iv'e heard everything now :D
  2. Norfolkpets

    Norfolkpets Member

    Have heard 2nd hand from a pet shop in Kent, that has had similar experiences.
    A guy who bought a bag of Royal Canin online but ordered the wrong one, came into the shop and asked if he could swap it.
    A lady bought a Flexi lead off Amazon, but it was faulty. She came and asked if she could exchange it, and the pet shop owner send it back to Amazon!
  3. Animal-Antics

    Animal-Antics New Member

    I wonder if Tesco would exchange for Asda's own brand LOL.

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