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    I have already said that we have had a bit of a run-in with animal rights, so I had better explain. Quite innocently I had taken some photographs of some of our rabbits for sale and this included their being in cages, and I put the pictures up on our website and Facebook. This is something we have done for years and quite rightly so as it demonstrates our USP and the fact that we breed our own rabbits and guinea pigs. In fact, we have advertised our own-bred rabbits for 25 years without any problem or criticism.

    One afternoon we got a phone call from a lady asking if we feed our shop rabbits on muesli rabbit food as she had been shown photographs taken from our Facebook page. My reply was yes, as we have done for many years without problems. I then received a tirade of abuse about the evils of feeding muesli and that I would be reported to the council and the Scottish Government. Personally, I did not know it was illegal to feed rabbits in Scotland, but there you are! The same day I received a text from a customer alerting me to a petition on a website, which was calling to get our licence revoked as we bred and sold rabbits in small, overcrowded, dirty cages from a dimly lit shop.

    Let’s just say that the person who put this on the website did not understand that ‘personal views’ and ‘actual facts’ are not the same thing. According to this person, apart from breeding rabbits and guinea pigs, I also breed birds and hamsters because there is a picture of a litter of hamsters on my Facebook page and, said this person, this was ‘absolutely terrible’.

    The fact is, the picture of the litter of hamsters was dated 2012 and we have never bred birds. But still, why let facts get in the way of a story?!

    What actually made me cross was that we are fully licensed, regulated and open to public inspection six days per week – and the person who wrote the petition runs a rabbit rescue centre, which as we all know are not subject to council licensing or inspection.

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