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Discussion in 'You couldn't make it up!' started by Newshound, Nov 22, 2017.

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    A customer wanted a dog lead in a particular shade of purple to match the collar she had recently bought. I told her it would take a few weeks as this particular brand was available only direct from the manufacturer and we needed to order enough to fulfill their minimum delivery requirement.

    No problem, said the customer as she was not in any particular hurry.

    Two weeks later we get into stock the exact lead only to be told that she had purchased it online the week before.
  2. Arsenal12

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    We can all relate to this. Before the days of the internet customers would be quite happy to wait from one up to seven days for the shop to get in what they wanted. Now most customers won't even wait ten minutes, spoilt by big companies pandering to their every whim. One possible solution would be to take a deposit big enough to get the customer to call back. One more thing that gets my goat is when a customer buys something only to bring it back saying their partner has also bought the same item. It comes back to you because either your more expensive or it would cost them money to send back to the Internet company. You have to smile sweetly through gritted teeth and be polite!
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    Call me new school but I wouldn't even take an order if there was a 6 week wait, unless they offered a deposit. That is just too much time for consumers to mess up. To be honest I'm always skeptical when they say "that's fine if you order it I'll be back next week" - never mind more than a month later.

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