A gap in the treats market

Discussion in 'You couldn't make it up!' started by Newshound, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Newshound

    Newshound Member

    Here’s a plea to manufacturers of packaged dog treats. Please make more treats for puppies! Many of our customers want ’puppy treats’ and there is just not the variety out there.
    When I say ‘puppy’ treats, I mean treats that state clearly on the packaging that they are suitable for puppies. So many people will not buy treats because the word ‘puppy’ is not on the packaging that it’s unbelievable. I tell my customers that treats are suitable for all ages of dog including puppies, but in the majority of cases, they are just not convinced.
  2. wrightforpets

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    Hmmm ... would lead to even more shelf space being taken up by the same products. I just lead them to a selection of the smallest, softest treats available. Some people are so fickle that you just have to say you've done all you can.

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