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    So I ended up with two VAT inspectors for five solid hours; no tea break or meal break, just question after question.

    The first thing they were not happy with was the fact that I did not keep hard copies of our Z readings on the till. But when the till holds that information indefinitely, why keep a hard copy? But no, I must keep the till roll for six years.
    Next was the VAT status of rabbits. I say ‘zero’ as we can eat them, but the VAT notice 701/15 says ornamental breeds attract 20% VAT. OK, define an ornamental breed of rabbit?

    We then moved on to rabbit food. Rabbit food is zero rated unless it’s packaged as pet food. Again open to several interpretations. For instance, if you say a Netherland dwarf is an ornamental breed that attracts 20% VAT, why on the packaging of a well-known brand of rabbit food that attracts zero VAT is the picture of the Netherland dwarf?

    Lastly, wild bird seed, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc. Here I am at a complete loss. I always thought that if it came in zero rated, it went out zero rated. But no, the wonderful VAT notice 701/15 is about a clear as mud!

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