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    A middle-aged couple were looking for a high quality dry dog food for their German shepherd.
    Inquiring what the problem was, I was told that the dog only ate fresh chicken or turkey and they thought it needed more variety in its diet and maybe more nutrients now the dog was eight years old. Also, he suffered from bad breath.  What was it fed on previously I inquired. Apparently it used to eat corned beef but they thought that this was a bit salty for the dog. I thought the best way forward would be to try to get the dog on virtually any complete food and once converted we could try to get it on to a more appropriate feed. 
    Firstly, I offered them a free bag of Eukanuba, but apparently that was too expensive.
    Their logic being that if the dog liked it then they would have to eventually buy a bag.
    The fact that the first bag was free and the second bag was £5 off just did not register at all. 
    Eventually they bought a bag of our own brand complete food, which the dog ate and a week later they returned for another bag. 

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