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A giant Greenland shark is possibly the oldest living vertebrate in the world.
Phelps the hedgehog has received hydrotherapy.
A stranded sheep had a lucky escape after being helped out of a muddy marsh.
Iguanas have been spotted falling from the sky.
A cat almost died after swallowing a rat whole.
A dog that was rescued from a puppy farm is enjoying life in her new home.
A young deer was spotted struggling to stand up on the thin ice on a lake in Oregon, in the US, almost recreating a scene from the Disney film Bambi.
A pig destined for the slaughterhouse is to host an art exhibition instead.
A couple of adopted pets have become close travel buddies.
A cat was recued from a tree after being stranded for five days.
A villager who found a pig’s gallstone is in luck.
A bear has allegedly made off with various weapons.
A woman came home to find her cats sprawled on the floor after eating marijuana.
A pet is disrupting family life with his temper.
A pair of kittens have become inseparable – and they have something in common.
An injured lamb has been given a new lease of life. Alistair Jenkin found Lamby in a field when she was only two days old and he has been caring for her since then.
One animal shelter has come up with a magic idea to help get dogs adopted.
Two unusual cats are looking for a new home.
A gerbil has been given a traditional Viking funeral.
A Rottwieler surprised her owners when she gave birth to 15 puppies.
A cat had a lucky escape after she was trapped in a car engine.
A pet-friendly hotel has been put to the test.
Kittens rescued from a warehouse have appeared on TV.
A pet shop found an unusual visitor in its store room.
Emergency services swung into action when a cat became stranded on a roof.
A deer was found wandering in a forest with a pumpkin stuck on its head.
A fish that some people claim bears the face of Jesus has fans lining up for selfies.
A group of dogs have had the VIP treatment at a swimming pool.
Lorry driver Anthony Anderson was up in County Durham when he heard a meowing from inside his vehicle.
Linda Tabone is a foster mum with a difference – the orphans she looks after are wombats.
A dog frightened by fireworks found herself stuck fast.
The Scottish SPCA is seeking the owner of a cat who found her way on to a delivery truck heading to Kilmarnock.
A woman who bought a hamster has ended up with a £200 repair bill.
Age isn’t getting in the way of Cleo – a year after a life-saving operation.
A family was surprised after its pet tortoise that had vanished was found six miles from home.
A badger was discovered having a sleep in a kitchen!
A large gathering of Border collies, 576 to be precise, gathered at a sports ground to break a world record.
An invasion of octopuses has been seen crawling out of the sea.
Wee Bob the Shetland pony likes to spend his days IN the family home.
A baby hedgehog had to be rescued after getting his head trapped inside a conker.
A rare breed of chameleon has been successfully bred for the first time.
Reggie the cat is back on his feet after using up the second of his nine lives.
A missing cat has been reunited with its owner – after seven years.
An owl needed some help after falling into a barrel of syrup.
A couple who were about to get married found themselves interrupted by an unusual guest.
An African grey parrot found itself witness to a murder.
Firefighters were called to help a horse that was stuck belly deep in water near the M6 in the West Midlands.
A pet thought to be dead clawed its way out of a grave five weeks after it was buried.
An animal lover came to the rescue of dog dumped in Ukraine.
A family of swans needed rescuing from a busy road in Scotland.
A Highland bullock rejected by his herd has grown up thinking he’s a dog.
A trapdoor spider found in only two places on earth probably travelled by raft from South Africa to Australia millions of years ago.
A cat thought to be the world’s oldest moggy has died at the age of 32.
This year’s release of the Guinness Book of Records has its share of record-breaking pets.
Beachgoers were advised to look out for Portuguese men o’war after a number of the venomous creatures were washed up on Britain’s coast.
A womanhad a surprise when she found a live frog in her salad.
A bearded seal, normally found in Arctic waters, has been spotted on the south coast of the Republic of Ireland.
A vet came to the rescue of a dog that had swallowed a kebab skewer.
A baby alligator was found bathing in the sun by a lake…in Somerset!
PETA and photographer David Slater have reached a settlement in a dispute over who owns the rights to a ‘selfie’ of a monkey.
Staying in a hotel room on a work trip can be lonely.
A man was escorted from a supermarket after he tried to take a sheep into the shop on a lead.
The Postal Museum is on a recruitment drive – for cats.
A family had a shock when they discovered a three-foot snake in their toilet.
A pub has become the first in England to be awarded a zoo licence.
Nine years ago Bodacious the shepherd cat first appeared in Suzanna Crampton’s life, after she found him wandering around a shop in Kilkenny, Ireland.
Humans are not the only ones who like surfing, with dogs loving the water as well and many enjoying catching the waves, according to organisers of the World Dog Surfing Championships in the US.
A serial burglar faced a defensive parrot when attempting to steal from a home in Kent.
A company won an award for its creatively-packaged organic catnip products at a national show for pet retailers in Las Vegas.
A classic children’s TV programme is returning to the BBC.
A dog that escaped from home ended up being wedged between fence railings. The long-haired Jack Russell terrier, Poppy, was found stuck in the fence in a park in Bexleyheath, London by a member of the public. It was first thought the dog was a stray and the RSPCA was called to help free her.
A peahen caused hundreds of pounds of damage after strutting into a Los Angeles liquor store in the US.
Yorkshire Cat Rescue is appealing for a family to take in a cat that has been unlucky three times in finding a permanent home.
A baboon left a whole town without electricity after it tampered with machinery at a power station.
A team of foxes have been spotted in a garden appearing to play football.
Mindy the clumsy cockatiel has rediscovered her wings again – after an accident that left her with one leg.
Five vet nurses saved a tiny puppy at the brink of death by becoming surrogate mothers.
An x-ray stunned vets when they discovered the cause of Diesel the dog’s tummy upset – a teat from a baby’s bottle.
A ‘faceless’ fish has been dredged up from a seabed four kilometres deep by researchers investigating ‘the most unexplored environment on earth’.
A primary school was on lockdown after its pupils were held to ransom by dive-bombing seagulls.
A tiny kitten is recovering after being rescued from a drainpipe.
A rescue dog has won an RSPCA animal award for helping his owner out of a coma.
Roxxi, an African grey parrot, was not feeling her usual self when she developed depression and anxiety.
A litter of kittens made a surprise appearance at a festival of speed.
A runner had a shock when a bear briefly joined a race in the US state of Colorado.
Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has attempted to swim faster than a great white shark.
A dog owner was surprised when her pet golden retriever gave birth to a green puppy.
A London commuter had an unusual journey after he rescued a stranded baby pigeon and took him home on the train in a gift bag.
A kitten had to be rescued after ending up in a pigeon’s nest.
Hundreds of four-legged fund-raisers ran a charity dog race in Thailand  for a hospital in the capital city of Bangkok.
A cat trapped in a shipping container had to be rescued by the RSPCA and firefighters after his paw was spotted ‘waving for help’.
A hedgehog found wandering around in circles ‘blown up like a beach ball’ has been diagnosed with an extreme case of balloon syndrome.
The RSPCA and Norfolk Fire Service came to the rescue of a cow stuck in a deep-water ditch at Breydon Marshes in Norwich.
A tarantula the size of a hand was discovered on a street in Leicester.
A dog disappeared down a drainpipe for 19 hours before being found.
Wasp season arrived early in an abandoned attic in Hampshire when the insects made it their domain.
A 12-foot alligator was spotted ambling across a US golf course to the surprise of onlookers.
Molly, a Labrador retriever, has just welcomed a litter of puppies with two surprise additions…piglets!
Spruce, A one-year-old Humboldt penguin, is in need of a partner – so to help him out, his handlers have created an online dating profile for him.
A swarm of bees descended on a car in Hull. The bees took residence on Shirley Taylor’s car, which was parked outside her house. The chairman of the Beverley Beekeepers’ Association, Chris Coulson, came to the scene to try to lure the swarm from the vehicle. He said it was not clear what had attracted the bees.