Wagg Celebrates Real Dogs In New Campaign



Wagg celebrates ‘real dogs’ in new campaign
13th March 2017

By Sandra Pearce

Wagg is launching a Real Dogs campaign today (March 13), championing the cause for ‘real’ dogs.

“It started with fancy dress for pets, then came dog yoga, flower crowns, pawdicures, and canine Christmas crackers,” a spokesman said. “The pet world has gone a little bit bonkers. We understand that our four-legged companions are cherished members of the family, but dogs seem to becoming less man’s best friend, more man’s best pampered pooch.

“In an increasingly health focused world of kale chips and quinoa smoothies and sprinkles of special seed blends, the world of pet food has followed with ever more pretentious products packing the shelves. With recipes that wouldn’t sound out of place in a fine dining restaurant, it’s all gone a bit too far.

“At Wagg we pride ourselves on making no-nonsense delicious pet food that you won’t have to pay through the nose for. We’re here for all the real dogs who eat real, honest food. We’re here for the dogs with their noses in the dishwasher, their paws in puddles and their tails between their teeth. Unfiltered, unashamed, uninhibited dogs in all their glory.

“Watch our video about the real dogs we’re standing up for on the Wagg Facebook page and make your pledge for letting dogs be dogs.”