Vet S Kitchen Introduces Breeder Scheme



Vetís Kitchen Introduces breeder scheme
19th April 2017

By Karen Pickwick

Pet food manufacturer Vet’s Kitchen has launched a new scheme for breeders.
“The scheme is designed to offer breeders added value by offering them as much support with their puppies as possible, as well as giving them the tools to help their new owners continue their good work,” said Vet’s Kitchen MD Jenny Philp.
Membership is selective. The company says that, in order to be accepted and receive the benefits, breeders must be able to demonstrate they are responsible and share Vet’s Kitchen’s values around health and wellbeing. Applicants are individually vetted and must provide supporting evidence, including their dog’s health check and Kennel Club certificates.
Approved breeders will receive 20% off all Vet’s Kitchen orders and free next-day delivery for orders over £40. They will also have access to Vet’s Kitchen’s in-house nutritionist.
Breeders will also receive free Puppy Packs for their litter if the bitch is being solely fed on Vet’s Kitchen’s diets. Designed to be passed on to new owners, the Puppy Pack has been created ‘to provide all the tools necessary to ensure puppies have an excellent start in life’.
The Puppy Pack comes in an exclusive Vet’s Kitchen tote bag and includes a Puppy Journal, a guide to puppy ownership packed with essential information for the first few weeks and months and to support long-term health and wellbeing. The guide also features a comprehensive log to note details on training, worming, vaccinations, and socialisation, which can be kept as a record of the puppy for life.
The pack also contains a clicker and a packet of Vet’s Kitchen Little Stars Smart+ soft, breakable training treats and a 1.3kg bag of Chicken & Brown Rice puppy food, a hypoallergenic diet.

Jenny Philp said: “We know how much hard work breeders put into getting puppies ready for their new lives ahead. The first few weeks are vital in giving them the best start in life.
“As the only pet food company with an in-house veterinary practice, improving health and wellbeing of pets is at the very core of our business and we want to encourage new puppy owners to give their four-legged arrivals the best start in life, and to help breeders to support them in that journey.”