Vet Launches Loans For Practice Staff



Vet launches loans for practice staff
16th March 2017

By Karen Pickwick

CarefreeCredit has launched personal loans for veterinary staff aged 21 or over, whether vet, nurse or receptionist.

Loans are available from £1,000-£25,000 for periods ranging from one to five years at an APR from 7.9%, with joint applications acceptable.

Vet Dr Stewart Halperin, founder and CEO of CarefreeCredit, said: “I first started the company to enable other vets to provide interest-free loans to clients facing large bills for uninsured pets.

“Since then, I’ve been thinking of other ways to help practice staff in our profession and realised a quick and simple low-cost loan facility would be a great way to go beyond helping their clients to helping the staff themselves in their daily lives.

“Now, with just a simple phone call taking just five minutes, veterinary staff can easily access the finance they want for whatever purpose they need.”