Retailers Help Hurricane Victims



Retailers help hurricane victims
6th September 2017

By Karen Pickwick

PetSmart Charities has allocated $1m in emergency relief funding and pet specialty retailers throughout the US are offering aid to pets and their owners in response to Hurricane Harvey.

“We’re committed to supporting everyone we can who has been impacted by this disaster, including pets and pet parents staying in evacuation centers and shelters in Houston and Dallas who may not have access to the pet food and essentials they need,” PetSmart Charities President David Haworth told American  magazine Pet Product News.

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation has also donated $100,000 to help its members as well as animals and their owners recover from the effects of the storm.

Dr Michael Whitehair, chairman of the AVMA board of directors, told Veterinary Practice News: “In addition to providing financial support, the AVMA is playing an important role in helping to disseminate information within the veterinary community, between the veterinary community and organizations providing animal and public assistance, and to animal owners and advocates so that those who need help get the right support as quickly as possible.”

The Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is advertising an offer of help to its website from the Petco Foundation. can help reunite owners with their pets that are missing since Hurricane Harvey hit. Owners can post pictures of their missing pets on the site, which uses facial recognition to find matches in a nationwide database.

Vet Sarah Reardon has warned that, as floodwaters from storm Harvey begin to recede, companion animals are in danger of becoming infected with leptospirosis, caused by a bacterium that is shed in urine and transmissible to people.

Sarah is advising pet owners in areas prone to flooding to consider vaccinating their dogs against leptospirosis, especially if they have never been vaccinated against this disease before.