Retailer S Raw Recruits Excel At Natural Training



Retailer’s ‘raw recruits’ excel at natural training
16th February 2017

By Karen Pickwick

The team at East Anglia retailer Scampers is setting the standard in the natural pet retailing category with seven of its pet care advisors passing the Natures Menu raw advisor training module!

Natures Menu says it is the only provider of specialist education and CPD in the raw sector and in conjunction with its veterinary team has also created a specialist pet store training programme, which includes raw advisor, raw expert and raw consultant and which is being exclusively offered to specialist natural pet stores that promote professional raw pet products.

Craig Taylor, managing director at Natures Menu, said: “The team at Scampers are totally dedicated to offering professional product advice and it’s a fantastic achievement for the team to have seven raw experts on hand to deal with consumers who want professional advice about switching to raw, raw products and raw safety.”

Craig says the increasing trend towards natural, raw feeding continues to rise, with raw feeding as ‘the pinnacle of natural nutrition for pets’.

“More and more pet parents who are interested in raw feeding want to know about transitioning their pet to raw, food safety, ingredients and how to feed the raw diet and the raw advisor course deals with these basic entry enquiries,” he said.

Sophie Maliszewski, who recently completed the course, said: “It was a little harder than I thought, but the questions guide you through very well and it has been really beneficial and helps in discussing raw food with customers, which is a huge, developing part of our business.”

Sophie has already used her newly-gleaned knowledge to advise customers with dogs with specific needs and feels the training has given her a higher supported level of knowledge.

She said: “Knowledge and understanding is key to selling great and honest products. We get constant positive feedback from our customers, too.”

Scampers Natural Pet Superstore aims to lead the way in natural pet food. It says it is leading ‘the revolution to educate how people feed their dogs and cats through the provision of quality, natural pet food, made with the best natural ingredients to nourish healthier, happier pets’.

Natures Menu, the number one raw provider in Europe, provides training for qualified vets and nurses as well as pet specialist retailers to expand their knowledge and confidence about raw feeding. This training provides in depth information covering nutrition, pet food manufacture, the NM range and clinical nutrition.