Pet Sitters Fall Foul Of Advertising Code



Pet-sitters fall foul of advertising code
7th September 2017

By Sandra Pearce

The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint against a pet sitter who claimed membership of a professional organisation.

A brochure available on Animal Angels’ website,, seen on February 1, included the claim, “Our membership of the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters and agreement to abide by their Code of Practice and Terms and Conditions is further indication of our commitment to professional pet care”.

A complainant said the claim implied that Animal Angels was a member of the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters (NarpsUK) and challenged whether the claim breached the code.

Animal Angels did not respond to the ASA’s enquiries.

A spokesman for the ASA said the ASA was ‘concerned by Animal Angels’ lack of response and apparent disregard for the Code’, which was a breach of CAP Code (Edition 12) rule.

In its conclusion, the ASA stated: “The CAP Code stated that ads must not display a trust mark, quality mark or equivalent without the necessary authorisation. Also, they must not claim that the marketer had been approved, endorsed or authorised by any public or other body if it had not.

“We understood there was more than one association of pet sitters in the UK, and that some had similar names to NarpsUK.

The complainant understood that Animal Angels was not a member of NarpsUK, and we had not seen evidence to the contrary. In the absence of any evidence from Animal Angels which demonstrated that they were a member of NarpsUK, we concluded the claim was in breach of the Code.”

Animal Angels was told that the ad must not appear again in its current form and that it could not claim to be a member of NarpsUK.