Pet Cards Can Ease Owners Worries



Pet Cards can ease owners’ worries
8th September 2017

By Sandra Pearce

Elderly pet owners are being urged to carry Pet Cards to prevent animals being left alone if they are taken ill.

The wallet-sized, organ-donor style card, created by Co-op Funeralcare, carries details of who medics or 999 crews can contact if the owner is ill or injured.
Co-op funeral arranger Bridgette Perks realised many of her clients were worried about what would happen to their pets in an emergency. Rather than direct them to rescue or re-homing centres, she took it upon herself to start creating Pet Cards for the local residents of Armthorpe in Doncaster.

Her idea proved to be a success, leading to Co-op Funeralcare rolling them out nationwide, the Telegraph reports.

The complimentary cards will be distributed in local communities as the nation is urged to take the simple precautionary measure to ensure their domestic companions are never left alone.

Bridgette said: “When speaking to members of the local community, I came to realise that I wasn’t the only one who’d ever considered who would look after my pet if anything ever happened to me. As such, I thought the Pet Card was the perfect solution to put minds at rest and I’m thrilled that they’re being distributed nationwide.”