Party On Pups



Party on, pups!
15th May 2017

By Karen Pickwick

Lily’s Kitchen is responding to a growing demand for birthday products for dogs with the launch of its Birthday Surprise gift box.

New research reveals that 75% of pet owners celebrate their dog’s birthday, highlighting the booming trend for treating our furry friends as family members.

The natural pet food company says the Birthday Surprise gift box contains ‘the first party-perfect meal for dogs’, made from three different fresh cuts of steak, potatoes, broccoli and herbs inspired by a steak frites dinner, as well as a separate hidden bag of Organic Cheese and Apple Training Treats. This celebratory gift is full of surprises, including a birthday card for dog lovers to sign, seal and deliver to their favourite furry friend. 

Henrietta Morrison, Lily’s Kitchen founder and CEO, said: “Our dogs are family and they deserve to have the most special birthday. And steak dinners usually mark a special occasion for humans so what better way to celebrate than a nutritious doggy equivalent. The humanisation trend can mean that owners indulge their pets with harmful foods such as cake on their birthday, but we urge all owners to serve up proper food that’s safe and deliciously nourishing.”

The new Birthday Surprise gift box RRP £9.95 is available to order now.