Natural Instinct Brings Out Offal Recipe



Natural Instinct brings out offal recipe
12th September 2017

By Karen Pickwick

Natural Instinct has launched two new products – Pure Offal and Fish Fingers.

The offal recipe has been formulated as a complementary addition to diets because the company says many dogs cannot handle the richness of organic meat – or just don’t like it! The Pure Offal mix contains 100% British beef liver, beef kidney and beef spleen mixed in the ideal ratios for raw feeders.

“Offal is generally very rich and while offal forms an excellent nutrient source they should be limited to 10% of the daily diet and of that offal no more than 50% should be liver,” a company spokesman advised. “Some dogs find even a small amount of offal too rich which is why Natural Instinct do not automatically add 10% of offal to all of their recipes but give customers the freedom to add this according to their dog’s palate and gut tolerance.”

Natural Instinct’s pet nutritionist, Bianca Boulton-Major, said “Pure Offal is a recipe that I was passionate to create for Natural Instinct. Offal is highly nutritious and often the first parts a prey animal to be consumed, due to them being rich in vitamins and minerals. Pure Offal has been formulated by myself and Natural Instinct’s holistic vet, Sue Armstrong. We wanted to give owners flexibility while empowering them to diversify and cater their pet’s diets to their individual preferences. Some pets struggle to tolerate offal, which is why some of our diets are formulated to not need it included. Using Pure Offal as part of a raw diet gives your pet access to a great bioavailable source of vitamins and minerals.”

Pure Offal is available in 2 x 500g tubs, retailing at £3.20.

Fish Fingers, the latest addition to Natural Instinct’s range of treats, is made using 100% coley fillet, a member of the cod family.

They are available now and are sold in 100g packs with an RRP of £3.50.