Jbl Brings Out Summer Diet For Koi



JBL brings out summer diet for Koi
30th August 2017

By Sandra Pearce

JBL has launched ProPond Summer, a ‘special summer food’ for koi.

JBL ProPond Summer gives pond fish a protein/fat ratio of 4:1 for water temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, with ingredients including salmon, shrimps, corn and gammarus.

A spokesman said: “In summer there are two special situations: Firstly the water temperature sometimes increases to critical ranges (30 deg C). This then results in a reduced oxygen level of the water. At 10 deg C water temperature, a koi needs 45mg of oxygen per kg of fish weight and hour. At 20 deg C, the oxygen requirement doubles and during feeding, it rises up to 500mg oxygen per kg fish and hour!

“That’s why it is very important not only to have a good oxygen saturation in summer, but also the right food.”