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Have your herb the news?
6th September 2017

By Karen Pickwick

Although Cotswold Raw first made its name in premium pet food, (sausages and minces), the company’s founders say their bigger vision has always been ‘to provide a nutritionally well-rounded, one-stop pet food station for today’s growing legions of healthier living pets’.

Co-founder Mark Davies said: “By targeting the independent pet food market, forward-thinking dog breeders and the growing legions of vigilant, health conscious pet owners, Cotswold Raw has gradually extended its reach via a well-balanced portfolio of ‘at-one-with-nature’ treats including Chicken Jerky, Lamb’s Ears, Duck’s Feet and Venison Bites.”

This autumn sees the launch of the third chapter of the Cotswold Raw story – a four-strong selection of all-natural herb blends, comprising:

 Butcher’s Blend: a natural ‘pick-me-up’ made from nettle leaf, spirulina, turmeric, flax seed, kelp, thyme, dandelions and cayenne peppers and alfalfa
 Diatrum: a natural blend of turmeric and diatomaceous earth
 Shepherd’s Mix: a high-in-dietary fibre blend
 Cotswold Joint Care.

“There’s no denying we’re very excited to put our name behind a well-rounded supplements selection that further enhances our ongoing commitment to happier, healthier pets,” said Mark.

Each supplement comes in 250g, 500g and 1kg pots, with retail prices starting at £12.95.