Ever Thought About Stocking Jellyfish



Ever thought about stocking jellyfish?
13th June 2017

By Sandra Pearce

A jellyfish specialist has expanded his business and is now offering jellyfish and a range of tanks to aquatics retailers. 

The business began innocently enough when teenager Rory Fox asked his dad for a jellyfish, but by the time he was 21 years old, he was selling up to 200 jellyfish a month and had set up UK Jellyfish.

Rory breeds moon jellyfish himself, and mum and dad Victoria and Stephen have had to move to a bigger house to accommodate his breeding operation.

Stephen said: “Captive breeding has produced a robust strain of non-stinging moon jellyfish that are happy at room temperature so don’t require expensive and noisy chilling equipment and are free from disease.

“In the correct tank and environment, jellyfish live for around 12 months growing from 2cm in diameter up to 15cm at full maturity and even much larger if housed in a bigger aquarium.”

Jellyfish aquariums often feature LED colour-changing lights in order to highlight the translucent jellyfish, and so are striking in appearance.

He added: “Once established in their tank, jellyfish surprisingly require little more attention than any other fish. Feeding is simple with a sprinkle of dry jellyfish food or if preferred live baby brineshrimp. The water is kept clean by a single external filter that pumps to create the gentle flow required in the tank, with 10% water changes recommended each week to maintain a healthy environment.

“A jellyfish tank creates a great deal of attention, bringing footfall into the shop and generating interest and comments on social media as people can’t help posting pictures of themselves next to the jellyfish.

“Jellyfish are an exciting new product for marine aquatic shops who are already familiar with saltwater but also because of the simplicity of these creatures, they will become a good first step for tropical fishkeepers and re-sellers as they enter the marine market.”

UK Jellyfish is able to ship jellyfish and aquariums direct to customers in a white label or with the pet shop’s logo, so only display stock needs to be kept.