Encouraging Children Into The Hobby



Encouraging children into the hobby
24th January 2017

By Sandra Pearce

Maidenhead Aquatics has launched a project to introduce schoolchildren to the world of fishkeeping.

Fishkeeper Fry is an interactive learning experience for children aged seven and eight years old.

A spokesman said: “It has been designed to open children’s eyes to the underwater world, learning how to provide the best habitat for their new classmates.

“Working with our film production team, Fishkeeper Films, we have formulated eight lessons to take children on a journey of fishkeeping; from setting up an aquarium, to adding fish and seeing it thrive before their eyes.”

With sponsorship from Fluval and API, each class will receive all the equipment it needs to set up an aquarium following guides and videos. The programme, which began this month, has a number of schools ready to host the project.

Teachers or parents who know of a school that would like to take part in Fishkeeper Fry can email the Maidenhead Aquatics team on Fry@maidenheadaquatics.co.uk