Csj Adds Cat Foods To Range



CSJ adds cat foods to range
17th April 2017

By Karen Pickwick

CSJ’s nutritionists aimed to formulate protein, fat and carbohydrate content close to that preferred by cats in its new Command Purrformance feeds.

The new food comes in two complete extruded rations – for Active Adult cats and for Mature cats – with a crunchy texture, designed to promote healthy teeth and gums, and a high percentage of animal fats and protein.

Command Purrformance for Active Adult Cats is suitable for all and preferably active adult cats and can be fed as part of the daily diet to kittens. With ingredients including poultry meal, sweet potato, marigold flowers and spinach, it is formulated to help maintain urinary pH near to optimum when fed free choice, help maintain muscle mass and help support healthy heart and eyes.

Command Purrformance for Mature Cats is suitable for all and preferably ageing and geriatric adult cats. It features a mix of animal proteins, enhanced protein quality and quantity to help maintain muscle mass in old age and includes includes duck, poultry, salmon, green lipped mussel and cranberry extract.

Made in Britain and packed in 1kg metallised foil sachets with a 12-month shelf-life and an RRP of £5.50, new Command Purrformance for cats is the latest addition to CSJ’s ranges of natural dog food, herbs and treats.