Barking M Ad



Barking M-ad!
15th May 2017

By Lloyd Lugsden

Television fame awaits dog-sitting franchise Barking Mad today (Monday, May 15).

Dog lovers on social media have been intrigued by the appearance of the #waitingforHobbes hashtag and images of dogs anticipating the arrival of a ‘furry superhero’. Barking Mad has revealed the hero – a cockerpoo by the name of Hobbes – as the star of its first TV advert.

Lee Dancy, Barking Mad founder, said: “This is an exciting development in the history of our business. It’s a dream come true to see Barking Mad on TV and we are very proud of our fantastic family of business owners, staff, hosts and customers, who have all helped to make this happen. Becoming a part of the Franchise Brands Group has enabled us to take the next step in gaining recognition through broadcast media, investing in the future of our brand.”

The advert will premiere today on the Really channel and will be shown on ITV on May 25 along with other channels.

Lee Dancy, Barking Mad founder