Aquatics Chief Joins European Pet Board



Aquatics chief joins European pet board
28th June 2017

By Sandra Pearce

The chief executive of a UK aquatics trade body has been invited to join the European Pet Organisation’s (EPO) board as vice president.

Dominic Whitmee, who heads the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association, said: “Many of the pressures facing our industry, such as the call for positive lists to limit the species that can be kept as pets, are driven by what’s happening in Europe and, as Britain approaches leaving the European Union, the UK’s voice will inevitably weaken.

“So I’m very pleased to join EPO’s board at this crucial time because I believe it will help give the UK industry another vital gateway to Europe over the longer term. I am looking forward to working with my fellow trade association colleagues from across Europe to ensure that the pet industry has strong and effective representation with key European decision-makers.”

EPO brings together national pet trade associations across Europe to collaborate and represent the pet industry at a European level.

The two-year appointment was made at EPO’s AGM, which was held at Zoomark in Bologna last month.