Aquarium Range Gets Makeover



Aquarium range gets makeover
18th April 2017

By Sandra Pearce

NT Labs has renamed several products in its Aquarium range, as well as launching new products.

General Tonic is now called Disease Solve, and Anti-Velvet & Slime has been renamed Anti-Parasite.

Sludge Gone has been reformulated to liquid format and is now called Aquarium Cleaner, being designed to digest organic material caused by the build-up of dead plant matter, fish waste and uneaten food. Plant Boost has also been reformulated and provides all the trace elements needed to achieve vibrant and vigorous plant growth. The new formulation has a higher concentration and comes in a pump dispenser format.

Plant Boost has been formulated to work in conjunction with Liquid CO2 Boost, a new product, which gives aquatic plants a source of dissolved carbon dioxide.
Also new is the Aquarium Starter Kit which comprises Tap Water Safe and Filter Starter.

NT Labs has also launched its Plastic Plant Cleaner, which removes the unsightly layer of algae and organic deposits that spoil the appearance of plastic plants and ornaments. Each pack contains five Cleaning Tablets and a bottle of Neutraliser Solution.