All The Better To See You



All the better to see you
23rd August 2017

By Sandra Pearce

JBL is introducing two microscopes in partnership with microscope manufacturer Bresser for all aquarium and terrarium enthusiasts.

A spokesman said: “With the Bresser Researcher Bino you can comfortably work with the microscope using both eyes; there is no need to cover or close one eye. The optical quality is impressive which makes it easy to get a sharp image and to make a diagnosis, even for inexperienced users.

The microscopes come with a lens capable of 60-fold magnification.

He added: “Invest a little time in learning how to use your microscope and you’ll be able to diagnose fish and reptile diseases accurately, identify algae or find out whether your pets have a bacterial or a parasitic disease. Only after a reliable diagnosis can you decide which medication will help.”