A Terrier S Tale At Kennel Club Art Gallery



A Terrier’s Tale at Kennel Club Art Gallery
28th May 2012

In keeping with the Royal theme of the Queen’s Jubilee, the Kennel Club Art Gallery has an art exhibition of the only breed of dog with a Royal Warrant.
‘A Terrier’s Tale, the Manchester Terrier through History’ is dedicated to the Manchester Terrier, one of Britain’s vulnerable native dog breeds, a breed that was employed as the Royal rat catcher and awarded a Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria.
Unfortunately, in recent years the breed has fallen off the public’s radar and last year, only 152 Manchester Terrier puppies were registered with the Kennel Club in contrast to 39,964 Labrador puppies (the UK’s most popular breed).
The Kennel Club has brought the breed back into the limelight with historical oil paintings, hand-coloured prints, sculptures, vintage photographs, cabinet cards, medals and trophies at its unique and charming Art Gallery on Clarges Street, Piccadilly.
A Terrier’s Tale will run until June 29 at the Kennel Club Art Gallery, which is open Monday-Friday, 9.30am - 4.30pm, by appointment. To book an appointment, or for further information, please contact the Art Gallery on 020 7518 1064 or e-mail artgallery@thekennelclub.org.uk.