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    Hi, we are Pet Products by Post, we have a 5* Amazon and eBay pet shop, we have been in business for four years and unfortunately after loosing some of our small suppliers to the covid situation we are now looking for new suppliers to enhance our range. We are looking for small bespoke companies/family businesses to build a relationship with who are happy to have their products professionally marketed on our sites. The products we are looking for are dog harnesses, dry towels/coats and dog coats but we are happy to consider other dog or cat accessories if we feel they will compliment our business. At the moment we both keep our own stock, have sale or return stock and also have three suppliers who we sell and market their products on their behalf and they dropship our orders, they do this because they keep control of their stock should they wish to sell it elsewhere. If you are a supplier who is looking for a highly regarded online outlet who pride themselves on customers service then please contact us at info@petproductsbypost.co.uk with your company details and products.

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