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    It’s amazing how much we rely on the internet these days and when it goes down, how much our lives are inconvenienced.
    At home we have just had a new boiler installed and the control system is via Hive. I went to the bathroom at 3am on Saturday and the radiators were on – didn’t think much about it, just the new system bedding in, hopefully. We got up at 7am and no radiators on, so I went to fiddle with the Hive control panel and nothing. Oh well, I’ll have a look at it later. Went to turn the computer on in the office at 8.30am, no internet so I switched it off at the router and turned it back on.
    It eventually showed a blue light but a few seconds later went off again. So that’s curtailed online banking and emails. It’s a Saturday so nothing that can’t wait until Monday. But 9am, turn on the till and it flashes up no internet connection so everything stays on the till. OK, I can live with that, but then a customer wants to pay by plastic! The card machine is linked to the till and then to the internet so any card payments have to be telephone authorisation only, even for £2. So we are cash-only on a Saturday! It’s then that you find out how many customers don’t carry cash and have no other way of paying. Now it’s getting annoying, so it’s time to phone the telephone company. That is until their answer service states that at weekends you have to contact them via their website! I felt a little better when it became clear that other businesses in the town have the same problem, so all we could do was manage as best we could until some engineers repaired the fault. Luckily, the internet was back by 2pm.
    It’s amazing to me that 28k dial-up internet was first introduced in 1992 and it was a novelty, and here we are in 2019 where we can barely function without it.

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