Swearing at customers

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    I consider myself pretty calm and level headed when it comes to dealing with our more challenging customers, such as the ones that insist on squeaking every dog toy or setting off every mechanical cat toy. I’m even fairly calm when people bring in wet dogs to try on dog coats or let their children run up and down the shop screaming, but one Friday I finally snapped and told a customer to f*** off!
    A mother and daughter, both regular customers, were in the shop and I casually commented that I had not seen them for a week or so. The daughter replied that the whole family had caught covid one after another and in fact neither of them should be out for at least four more days but they got bored isolating so they thought a trip to the pet shop would break the monotony of being indoors 24-hours a day.
    I was not impressed!
    Yes, we are both double jabbed but we are both over 60 and therefore vulnerable and we have both bent over backwards to keep the shop open six days a week while also steering clear of covid, yet this pair think it’s perfectly acceptable to wander round the shop potentially spreading covid like a pair of typhoid Annies.
    So yes, I did ask them to leave and I did use the phrase f*** off. Maybe it’s time to apologise when I see them next.

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