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    Last month I wrote about my week from hell, one of those weeks best forgotten. On the Friday of that week was our licence inspection, which I must admit was rather different.
    At our previous inspection, in November 2017, we could do nothing right: the fish tanks had to have a fish identification system on them; we did not do enough water tests and they were not sufficiently detailed; the cleaning regime for the rabbits and guinea pigs was not robust enough; there was dust on a shelf.
    This time round, we were told we sailed through with flying colours despite having no fish-identification system, mainly because I cannot find one anywhere, and us only doing water tests once a month. They did not ask about our hot water supply nor did they ask to see our sales sheets or care leaflets. Apparently because we have reduced the amount of livestock and put them all in one room and painted through the pet area, we passed.
    Well, I hope we passed because although I am writing this in mid-February, we still have nothing in writing to say we have a valid licence.

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