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    Hi, I am looking at starting a (bricks and mortar) pet store and would be really grateful for any advice and tips, particularly on financials. I am based in the midlands roughly between Leicester and Coventry and I have found a potential retail unit in a well established area close to a vets and local stores/hairdressers etc which would hopefully be a great spot without treading on any other local retailers toes. The nearest competitor is a Pets at Home about 2 miles away.
    I realise the high street is suffering badly but I've seen a few pet shops that seem to be thriving and believe that the right products and good service bring in customers who don't like the warehouse approach.
    I worked in retail (not pet trade) when I first left school many many years ago but my experience is limited. I have kept animals of all kinds and worked with them so I do have a good range of knowledge which I'm looking forward to expanding on. My initial plan is to focus on products/food for dogs, cats and small furries, no bird or aquatic supplies.
    Where I am struggling is putting figures together that seem realistic - I can work out fixed costs and to some extent cost of stocking the unit but don't have a scooby what to estimate sales at. It's not a big unit, about 50 sq m including a store room and loo... what would be reasonable to expect an average days sales to be? What is an average sale per customer? Even ballpark figures would be welcome and any other good advice anyone can impart. Gratefully, Sue.
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