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    Like many shop owners, I read with incredulity the story on page three of last month’s pbwnews where a pet shop owner was harassed and abused through no fault of their own, a truly incredible story. Just over two years ago someone who had never visited our shop started a petition online to stop us selling livestock. It was a complete twisting of the facts based on our social media profile. This petition received more than 1,400 signatories from all over the world. Our legal advice was to do or say nothing as suing the person responsible would not only cost a fortune but the publicity would make the situation worse. The lesson we learned was never to post pictures of livestock for sale as it attracts some of the more colourful members of society. While we received a few strange phone calls and media posts, at least no-one actually came into the shop unlike Wayne and Jo Miles, which must have been a frightening experience.

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