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    At the beginning of the pandemic, hardly anyone knew someone who had caught covid. In fact, there was a local story that, as we lived in the countryside, covid would never get here and it would be confined to towns. That myth was soon knocked on the head. Now everyone knows someone who has either got or has recently had covid and the number of small businesses in the town who have had to close and isolate for days is staggering. The chippy has closed three times, the café twice, and two of the restaurants have been hit along with two other takeaways and one hairdresser. Strangely, many others, us included, have luckily not been affected by this ‘pingdemic’. It’s just a personal observation, and far from scientific, but I’m sure there is a correlation with the businesses being hit and those escaping being closed and it’s the age range of the staff. Those businesses that employ predominantly younger members of staff are the worst hit and those who generally employ more mature people, in general, do not seem to be so affected. Could it be that the younger generation is unwittingly spreading covid while the older generation is being more cautious?

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