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  1. Hi

    I’m very seriously looking into setting up as a retailer of raw food for dogs.

    I will be working out of one or two commercial freezers in my conservatory initially, I imagine I will end up having to deliver, but a refrigerated/freezer van isn’t a possibility at this time.

    Can anyone give me a heads up on any potential pit falls I need to be aware of?

    Any idea how much a commercial freezer costs to run or how to go about finding out?

    Many thanks for any pearls of wisdom you can share! I’m really excited that this is a possibility. The nearest stockist of raw foods is Pets at Home 10 miles away and the next nearest is approximately 15 miles on top of that. The supplier I have spoken to gives their retailers a 15mile radius without encroachment and if it takes off they would transfer any deliveries they do in this area to me...
  2. Anybody??!

    I’ve taken the plunge and ordered the freezer, arrives Monday. Working out my first food order for placing tomorrow but I’m not seeing much profit in there for pumping back into the business. As in, the potential profit from food order one will not be enough to cover the cost of food order two...

    Any hints, tips, warnings? Don’t do its?!

    I’m really worried I’ve made a huge error of judgement, but I guess I’ll have to wait & see.

    ANY help gratefully received...
  3. wrightforpets

    wrightforpets Member

    Well worst case scenario you sell nothing and lose a few hundred quid. The freezer is an asset which depreciates but it still has a resale value. The food you can give to your own dogs or offload at cost price if necessary! To be honest I believe the likelihood is you will make a small not insignificant profit - but may find the time and energy involved to be not worthwhile in the long run. Raw is not a huge seller so your customer base is small but not insignificant; the problem is as that grows the supermarkets, online and Pets at Home become more committed competitors. I know all of my competitors are either really small ops just making a wee bit extra, and probably saving quite a lot on their own food bill - or are either fully committed basically driving their own vans across the whole of Scotland in different directions on different days. The latter from my experience are always bricks and mortar and likely happy just to make any profit from geographical areas they aren't even based in.

    Oh and I take from your post that you plan to have people collect food rather than deliver? My word of advice is if you want to succeed you will be delivering far more than it is collected.
  4. Wrightforpets thanks very much for your reply!

    Much appreciated & as you say itthibk there is a profit worth having - I had my figures right but have done so many sums recently that my brain was addled and I didn’t grasp that profit is on top of returned outlay - not much hope for me is there?!

    My freezer is a refurbed secondhand job, and if for any reason the food doesn’t sell, but I actually have a lot of interest now - just have to rely on it turning to actual sales - then I have a whole lot of food for my own dog, bought at trade price & a freezer I can sell on for not a huge loss as it’s already secondhand & therefore already done the vast amount of it’s depreciating! Obviously this is worst case scenario but I’m very hopeful that it will work out brilliantly! I’m already thinking about my next freezer purchases... Fingers crossed!

    I’m certainly going to be doing some deliveries but I wouldn’t like to overcommit myself to that just yet as I have three young children, one not yet old enough for any time at nursery & I will be doing this alone. I’m happy to deliver locally - within 15 miles say, but greater distance deliveries will be more difficult to accommodate, at least initially. The plan is to expand though as cash allows & purchase more freezers, add another supplier initially & a freezer van down the line. Shame I don’t have a spare few £k kicking around for one I saw today & some child care for my youngest!!

    Thank for replying & the quiet vote of confidence! I made myself feel really ill by not understanding my own figures. I’m excited now, looking forward to my first food order arriving this week.
  5. Sue1964

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    Hi, I see this is quite an old thread - was just wondering how this raw food business worked out for you?

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